Taking Stock
July 18, 2017 | -Smit, R

In September 2015, Q LINK was awarded the tender to provide a solution for Emolument Attachment Orders of Public Servants.

Since then Q LINK has made significant progress in their mission to assist over-indebted households and also prevent them from becoming over indebted in the future. One of these measures is to investigate the legitimacy of all EAOs being enforced on employees (for purpose of credit not maintenance) and to contact credit providers to reduce erroneous orders and remove erroneous ones.

Q LINK's primary objective was to establish the extend of abuse of EAOs (other than maintenance and child support) granted against public sector employees in the national and provincial spheres of government and also to implement an on-going solution to manage these EAOs. Q LINK executed this responsibility by; Determining the extend to which public servants being national or provincial, have been served with an EAO (other than maintenance or child support); Investigating the legitimacy and validity of the EAOs that have been served to the employees; By scrutinising all irregularities on EAOs and challenging the vendors who exploited the system and stopping further deductions, where necessary and/or arranging refunds for money unlawfully deducted; By ensuring that all current and new EAOs are issued with a repayment plan to ensure that vendors do not abuse the system by deducting a higher amount or exceeding the term of the stipulated payment plan and; By negotiating reduced installments in court on behalf of the employees where necessary.

In May 2017, only 10 months into the project, Q LINK reported back to the National Treasury's STEERCO committee and confirmed a massive balance saving of R 142 713 935 to employees and a 26% decrease in the number of EAOs. Q LINK also identified over R700 000.00 of refunds due to employees.

To date, Q LINK have saved employees a total of R173 919 937.00 and expect to hit the R200 000 000.00 mark in December 2017.

The National Treasury thanked Q LINK for their support and "for going far and beyond your call of duty" to assist these government employees. This report was also submitted to the National Treasury's Portfolio Committee, which commend Q LINK on the excellent work done thus far and confirmed their continued support of this project.